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Valuing diversity and inclusion is part of Carrefour's DNA, and we take care of the quality of the relationships we maintain with everyone. That's why we respect and welcome them as a source of wealth, something that makes the organization and the world more sustainable. The Carrefour Brasil Group, in conducting its business, as a signatory of the Global Compact, adopts corporate sustainability initiatives proposed by the United Nations (UN) and seeks to ensure that its activities and operations and its entire value chain effectively contribute to compliance 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Commitments

After listening to the proposals of the Independent External Committee, on November 25th, Carrefour Brasil prepared a short, medium and long-term action plan, which reinforces our historic commitment to valuing diversity with a greater emphasis on the inclusion of black men and women and in the fight against discrimination as a way to contribute to the confrontation of institutional racism in the country. From the eight commitments announced publicly, Carrefour will act firmly so that the tragic episode of Mr. João Alberto is not forgotten and for this harsh reality is truly transformed. In Brazil, where 56% of the population self-identifies as being black, it is essential that these people occupy their spaces in society, once and for all, in order to stop treated as minorities.

Thus, this plan is comprehensive and comprises three main spheres: Internal - involving all its employees; Ecosystem - including network partners and suppliers; External – with society as a whole.


1. Zero-tolerance to racism and discrimination

Implement a zero-tolerance policy to racism and discrimination on grounds of race and ethnicity, origin, social status, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability and religion in Carrefour and its value chain.


Review the Valuing Diversity policy, emphasizing zero tolerance for practices of discrimination and racism

    - New Diversity Policy, in the light of zero tolerance, published on 03/24/21.

    - We also created a Consequence Management Policy. 

The dissemination of the whistleblowing channel to all employees, customers, third parties and suppliers, as a way to combat racism and all types of discrimination

    - We started promoting this Channel on 01/31. 

Include an anti-racist and anti-discrimination clause in all contracts with suppliers

    - We launched this clause in the contracts of all suppliers, the inclusion in our contracts started way before, but the official launch was during the 1st #JuntosparaTransformar (Together we can make real changes) Forum of Suppliers, Partners and Retailers.

    - 100% dos novos contratos tem a cláusula, os antigos estão sendo atualizados paulatinamente.

    -  Besides that, we created seven new indicators that forecast 170 suppliers in the first assessment round.  Request for acceptance of the diversity handbook in the onboarding process of indirect suppliers.

Review the diversity handbook and make it available on the website to all customers, suppliers and partners

    - New Diversity Handbook. Click here for the full policy.

Review the process for receiving and forwarding complaints that are not formalized in the official channel, whether from employees, customers or partners

    - Whistleblower Investigation Policy revised and published on 01/31/21.

Revise Code of Conduct for Employees 

Revise Code of Conduct for Suppliers 

Revise Company Policies to adapt to UN’s SDGs

In progress

Racial Promote the training of Ethics Ambassadors on issues of Racial Diversity and Equity

    - Training of Ethics Ambassadors and Internal Risk Ambassadors held on March/21.

Review of the evaluation model of indirect purchasing suppliers (including third parties)

    - Completed with seven indicators created with forecast of 170 suppliers in the first wave of evaluation. We have also included the request to accept the diversity booklet in the onboarding of indirect suppliers.


Mobilize our partners, suppliers and competitors to adopt a similar stance towards zero tolerance practices and fight against racial discrimination

    - We held the 1st #JuntosparaTransformar (Together we can make real changes) Forum of Suppliers, Partners and Retailers, on 04/28/21. We shared various materials on combating racism, racial literacy course, research on racism in Brazil, our policies and materials to inspire other companies to also address the subject.

Review our Whistleblower Policy

    - Whistleblower Policy revised and published.

Review Consequence Management Policy

- Consequence Management Policy reviewed and published.

2. Radical Transformation Of Carrefour Brasil Security Model

Immediately start the pilot for the internalization of security in the internal areas of the 4 stores in the Porto Alegre region and the review of the contracting model, training, protocols and management of these teams.


Internalize 100% of the prevention team – Projeto Piloto POA (Porto Alegre Pilot Project) 

   - We are 100% internalized in Hypermarkets throughout Brazil. We have already started working on proximity formats, with 20% internalized.

Define a validation model for hiring and monitoring training, when security is outsourced.

    - New hiring model implemented.

Qualify 100% of the security team and systematize the onboarding and recycling process with the fundamental themes of human rights, diversity, zero tolerance and the approach protocol

Internalize 100% of the security teams – in other cities (Brazil) 

Strengthen the care and responsibilities related to mental health in Carrefour's organizational structure

Hire a security team following the diversified representation of the Brazilian population (including women and black citizens in approx. 50%)   

 - We are working hard on this action. We already have 65% of black people and 35% of women in our security teams.

In progress

Adapt the profiles and uniforms of the prevention team with an emphasis on the support/welcoming approaches 

 - In Porto Alegre, we have already reviewed this action, so we are going ahead with it for the next stores.

In progress

Review of the Carrefour's Approach Protocols in line with the transformation of the proposed security model and their dissemination to society.

    - All of our approach protocols have been revised and new guidelines have been published. 



3. Disclosure Of Our Zero Tolerance To Discrimination Policy

Clearly, ostensibly and permanently publicize a Zero Tolerance Policy for all types of discrimination, with training for all employees at all Carrefour units


The creation of a hotsite that publicizes and monitors the accountability of published commitments, creating a space for debate, listening to black entities and movements, as well as a space for education and dissemination of notices and campaigns on the Porto Alegre crisis.

    - We created the special website, which has been running since January/21.

 Disclose and promote the policy to all employees, service providers, suppliers and customers via our websites, apps, social network, etc.

    - Our diversity policy is being promoted in all the channels mentioned above and also in the company's internal channels.

 Building a learning path on diversity, inclusion and combating racism and discrimination for all employees, having race as an intersectional axis, also dealing with LGBT+, PWD and other groups agendas for different job levels

 - Learning path built and launched on 05/03/21.

The implementation of mandatory training regarding the Policy for Valuing Diversity and Combating Racism and Discrimination for all employees and third parties.

 Promoting an institutional campaign based on the theme of combating discrimination and racism as a way to contribute to the education of the Brazilian population.

    - Together with the 1st #JuntosparaTransformar (Together we can make real changes) Forum of Suppliers, Partners and Retailers. We launched the institutional campaign Juntos para Transformar, on 04/28/21.

The creation of a virtual and educational Forum on combating racism and all types of discrimination open to all Brazilians







4. Investment In the Careers Of Black People At Carrefour

Offer differentiated qualification for 100 black men and women per year for career acceleration at Carrefour, allowing them to reach leadership positions more quickly.


Mapping and defining black men and women target goals for each of Carrefour’s leadership layers

Implement a unique learning path to promote career access for all team members who belong to minority groups (black men and women, transgender, women and refugees) including behavioral and technical skills with a greater focus on technology

    - On 04/26/21 we launched the IDE (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity) Program. It has a series of paths focused on minority groups (blacks, transgender, women and refugees).

Ensure the development and training of 100 afro-descendants per year as a career lever, focusing on leadership positions and critical positions for the organization, including psychological and emotional support, knowledge acceleration (undergraduate, MBA, languages, among other courses) and career mentoring to create an affirmative internship program for young black people 

    - In 2021, 100 black people are in the process of accelerating their careers.

In progress

We wanted to create an affirmative internship program for black men and women 




5. Private Social Investiment In Education, Entrepreneurship And Employability

Finance technical and academic courses in the areas of Technology and Gastronomy to train professionals for the labor market.


We want to mobilize large partner companies to invest in this movement to support the employability, education and entrepreneurship of black people

    - Since the beginning of the year, we have been mobilizing partner companies to invest in the movement.

EDUCATION I Employability - Financing technical courses in Technology and Gastronomy for black people with a focus on training professionals for the job market

In progress

EDUCATION I Employability - Financing academic development (undergraduate, strict sensu - master's & doctorate and lato sensu – specialization, postgraduate and exchange programs) in Technology, Engineering and Gastronomy for black people as preparation for the job market

In progress

ENTREPRENEURSHIP I Fostering Social Impact Projects for black entrepreneurs in the food sector in rural and/or urban areas I The creation of volunteer actions with the communities surrounding the stores

     - We launched three initial public notices on 06/01/21. Focused on support for institutional strengthening of Afro-Brazilian civil society organizations, support for initiatives to promote black entrepreneurship and also for initiatives to combat racism and discrimination

In progress

Creation of volunteer actions with the communities surrounding our stores


Approximately 20 thousand new employees are hired per year, respecting the racial representation of the country's population. Open an Internship and Trainee Program exclusively for black people.


Hiring black men and women as professionals for strategic positions at Carrefour, including on the Board of Directors

In progress

Application of a demographic census, with questions of perception about barriers to diversity and mapping types of prejudice

Open an exclusive trainee program to foster black talent

Ensuring representativeness and proportionality in hiring, of the nearly 20,000 employees hired annually, 10,000 team members (50%) will be black, hired in the cities where Carrefour is present

    - Of those admitted in 2021 by Carrefour, 56% are people who declare themselves black or brown. Establish criteria for intentionality in recruitment and selection.

In progress

Establish criteria for intentionality in recruitment and selection

    - We have 100% of the completed steps already carried out in terms of indicators, standard for disclosing vacancies, and intentional script.

Redefinir e implementar um novo posicionamento de Employer Branding do Carrefour

    - Creation of texts and website structure for the Carrefour Group Career Page.

7. Mechanism of The Reporting of Prejudice And Discrimination

Make a digital device available on websites and applications to support employees and customers who are suffering any kind of prejudice and violence related to race or gender, with a dedicated team for guidance, investigation and referral of complaints received.


 The creation of an ombudsman channel that facilitates virtual complaints related to the fight against racism, discrimination and violence for customers and team members

    -  Since March/21 we have been monitoring the complaints received by the Complaints Channel and Carina - Carrefour's Virtual Assistant, including data separated by Brazilian regions. Cases are analyzed carefully and in detail.

 Create a device/tablet connected to the whistleblowing channel, so that customers can assess whether they have suffered or perceived any type of discrimination in our physical and/or digital stores




8. Stimulus To Entrepreneurship Of Black People

Create a Program for the Inclusion of entrepreneurs in its value chain, which will invest financial resources in networks incubators and black accelerators in Rio Grande do Sul.


The creation of a Program for the inclusion of black entrepreneurs in the Carrefour value chain in partnership with black intermediary entities/organizations

Investing financial resources for black incubator and accelerator networks in the gastronomy, rural and technology production chains with a pilot program in the state of Rio Grande do Sul

In progress

Redefining the criteria for hiring suppliers, in order to take into consideration the country's black entrepreneurship network

Using innovation hubs for black entrepreneurship 

Making good use of our marketplace and physical space in stores to publicize the network of black entrepreneurs in each region, as a way to expand operations and foster local entrepreneurship




On the night of November 19, 2020, João Alberto Silveira Freitas was killed on the premises of our store in Passo D'Areia, in Porto Alegre/RS, in an act that does not represent and is not consistent with Carrefour's values.

On this website, we reinforce the actions we are taking in view of this fact and the commitments made to society and to our body of more than 100,000 employees throughout Brazil. With the objective of continuing to evolve as a company and contributing to the fight against structural racism in Brazil.

Grupo Carrefour Brasil completes all agreements with João Alberto Freitas' family members and advances in internal commitments and with society.