ABRAPPE presents a committee dedicated to transforming the security model in retail

The Brazilian Association for the Prevention of Losses (ABRAPPE) announces the formation of a committee whose objective is to act in the transformation of the security model in retail. The Committee is formed by several companies in the sector and, at this moment, it is led by Grupo Carrefour Brasil, for a term of 1 year. The president of ABRAPPE, Carlos Eduardo Santos, explains that the committee will meet monthly to discuss issues related to: conflict management, management of goods and incidents diversion, in addition to relations with authorities.

For Carlos, a change of focus is needed: "having the customer as a priority directly impacts conflict management and, therefore, investing in change management, involving sensitivity and awareness of all employees, not just those responsible for safety, is fundamental. In this way, we are able to have a more controlled environment with regard to the treatment that clients will receive.".

In the leadership of the Committee, Grupo Carrefour Brasil will have the mission of promoting the discussion on new approaches for security in retail. The company believes in increasingly humanized safety with a total focus on the customer and, therefore, the professional who works as a prevention agent needs to have a more welcoming and empathetic profile.

"The security model that we are implementing in our stores is pioneer in Brazil. With this, we want to guarantee to our customers and employees that they will find a safe environment to make their purchases. With the support of technology, we will be able to guarantee that any conflicts that may come to happen in our stores can be resolved in an adequate and transparent manner. We believe that this is a model that can stimulate the sector's reflection on the role of security in retail", highlights Jérôme Mairet, Risk and Loss Director of Grupo Carrefour.


Abrappe is an independent organization formed by representatives of more than 600 companies from all segments of the Brazilian retail sector, whose purpose is "To make Loss Prevention a strategic area that contributes, in a sustainable way, to the increase of business profitability. We foster a culture of loss prevention through professional training, generation of studies and research, exchange of experiences and promotion of networking. We are present in more than 10 states with partnerships with several associations representing the class in the retail sector. Our commitment is to raise the level of maturity of professionals for the best performance of their duties, encourage and involve Executive Directors to make a Loss Prevention agenda a priority in companies and disseminate our vision of Expanded Loss for the Protection and Enhancement of the Profit.

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The initiative will be focused on three main fronts: conflict management in the commercial environment, relations with authorities and management of goods diversion and incidents


On the night of November 19, 2020, João Alberto Silveira Freitas was killed on the premises of our store in Passo D'Areia, in Porto Alegre/RS, in an act that does not represent and is not consistent with Carrefour's values.

On this website, we reinforce the actions we are taking in view of this fact and the commitments made to society and to our body of more than 100,000 employees throughout Brazil. With the objective of continuing to evolve as a company and contributing to the fight against structural racism in Brazil.

Grupo Carrefour Brasil completes all agreements with João Alberto Freitas' family members and advances in internal commitments and with society.