Independent and free-standing external committee on diversity and inclusion

In response to the racist violence that led to the death of João Alberto Silveira de Freitas, last November 19th, at a Carrefour store in Porto Alegre, and with the firm intention of contributing to ensure that actions like this never happen again, the External Committee for Free Expression on Diversity and Inclusion was created.

This committee was formed from dialogues arising from the tragedy in Porto Alegre and is absolutely independent, it is not, in any way, subordinated to Carrefour Brasil. Its greatest motivation is the moral duty to try to prevent more black people from dying, with the aim of guiding and supporting a broad action plan to combat structural racism in the retail sector and in society as a whole.

In a scenario in which we see the following:

● 89% of whites and 97% of blacks believe that black people suffer prejudice in Brazil and in which;

● 84% of whites and 91% of blacks believe that blacks suffer more physical violence in Brazil than non-blacks.

This group will have the main functions of guiding and advising Zero Tolerance commitments to racial discrimination at Carrefour Brasil, constantly monitoring the development of initiatives that serve this purpose.

This group will include experts and leaders of black movements and personalities with an active voice on racial issues. The group will also guide the actions that will be implemented with the Fund that is being specially created to combat discrimination.

The Committee already starts its action plan with a list of initial claims of zero tolerance in relation to racial discrimination, which will be assumed by Carrefour in Brazil on three fronts: in the company's internal spheres, in relation to the ecosystem that relates to Grupo Carrefour Brasil and society.

In the internal context, we recommend immediate intensive training with the workforce and review of the design and the hiring process of security services, as well as the procedures adopted in the relationship with private security and transport associations and their competent authorities. In addition, every store will also be dissemination points for the Zero Tolerance Policy to all types of discrimination. 

Tolerance Policy to all types of discrimination.

Regarding the company's ecosystem, all suppliers and peers will also be instructed to follow good practices to deal with these issues and indicators will be established to assess compliance and adequacy to these guidelines.

In response to society, debate and research forums will be promoted to support the growth of the discussion on racism in Brazil, in addition to the hiring of 20,000 new team members per year, respecting the racial representation of the Brazilian population and supporting national educational institutions in the professional training of young black men and women.

The first of these demands by the Committee is a request that Carrefour, as a sign of respect for the death of João Alberto, close its Porto Alegre store on November 26th. In addition,on the same day, all stores in the country should open at 2:00 pm and that all the profit of sales on Thursday and Friday should be reverted to entities and programs that support the cause of diversity, in accordance with the guidance of this council.

With the certainty that these measures are just an important step in a long way and with the public commitment to return within 15 days with a detailed and thorough plan to guide and support Carrefour Brasil's actions.

The following people sign this note and are part of the Committee: Rachel Maia, Adriana Barbosa, Celso Athayde, Silvio Almeida, Ana Karla da Silva Pereira, Maurício Pestana, Renato Meirelles, Ricardo Sales and Mariana Ferreira dos Santos.


In the media

This committee was formed from the dialogues resulting from the tragedy of Porto Alegre and is absolutely independent, has no subordination link to Carrefour Brasil.


On the night of November 19, 2020, João Alberto Silveira Freitas was killed on the premises of our store in Passo D'Areia, in Porto Alegre/RS, in an act that does not represent and is not consistent with Carrefour's values.

On this website, we reinforce the actions we are taking in view of this fact and the commitments made to society and to our body of more than 100,000 employees throughout Brazil. With the objective of continuing to evolve as a company and contributing to the fight against structural racism in Brazil.

Grupo Carrefour Brasil completes all agreements with João Alberto Freitas' family members and advances in internal commitments and with society.