Grupo Carrefour Brasil provides 300 scholarships for training in technology for black people

Grupo Carrefour Brasil in partnership with educational startup DIO.me (Digital Innovation One) launches the Transforma Tec program. 300 vacancies will be made available for scholarships focused on Fullstack Java, React and Cloud Development for black people from all over the country, aged between 18 and 30 years old. The action is part of the Group's commitment to combating racism.

Like many sectors in the job market, technology is mostly occupied by white people. According to a study carried out by PretaLab, in partnership with ThoughtWorks, approximately 32% of technology teams do not have black people in their composition.

“For us it is very important to build bridges that facilitate the population's access to better living conditions, education and income. Technology is the fastest growing segment in the world, being highly competitive, and we aim to expand representation within this field. Actions like this are fundamental to expanding our commitment to promoting the black population and fighting racism, through concrete actions with short, medium and long-term impact, which aim to transform the lives of participants and the communities where they live”, says Cristiane Lacerda, Human Resources Director at Grupo Carrefour Brasil.

Transforma Tec is a fully online program, lasting 6 months, which has access to a training track customized to the demands of the technology market. With a methodology focused on developing talent in the area, it uses activities, projects and practical video classes to learn from scratch with the follow-up of experts and monitors throughout the training.

The scholarships include chips with internet connection and also a prepaid card to buy a food basket. Within the program, Dio.me will offer full support to students. To participate, it is necessary to demonstrate a per capita income equal to or less than 1.5 minimum wage and to have completed at least Elementary School II (equivalent to the 9th year).

The selection of professionals will be done in partnership with Dio.me and online. The start of the Program is scheduled for March 2022 and interested parties will be able to apply until January 30th, on the website: https://lp.digitalinnovation.one/transformatec.

At the end of the program, all participants will be certified and will participate in a competition with the creation of practical projects in Hackathon format and an employment fair.

Grupo Carrefour Brasil reinforces, through this program, its commitment to society to increasingly seek inclusion and racial equity within companies. The action is part of the 8 commitments made publicly by the Group to combat racial discrimination.


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Training program aims to increase the presence of blacks and browns in the technological market and registration is open until January 30, 2022.


On the night of November 19, 2020, João Alberto Silveira Freitas was killed on the premises of our store in Passo D'Areia, in Porto Alegre/RS, in an act that does not represent and is not consistent with Carrefour's values.

On this website, we reinforce the actions we are taking in view of this fact and the commitments made to society and to our body of more than 100,000 employees throughout Brazil. With the objective of continuing to evolve as a company and contributing to the fight against structural racism in Brazil.

Grupo Carrefour Brasil completes all agreements with João Alberto Freitas' family members and advances in internal commitments and with society.