Fábrica Cultural launches Programa Acelera Iaô, which will benefit more than a thousand afro-entrepreneurs from Bahia

With the proposal to promote Bahian Afro-entrepreneurs, Fábrica Cultural launches the Accelera Iaô Program, with registration open until February 13, through the website www.fabricacultural.org.br. The program aims to promote the work of black enterprises through the support, qualification and acceleration of creative businesses. In this first cycle, the project offers 150 vacancies, divided into Iaô Labs for fashion, crafts, gastronomy, music and creative services.

Acelera Iaô will promote and propel afro-centered entrepreneurial education, the creative economy and digital communication. Encouraging autonomy and income generation are also some of the purposes of the training program, which include technical/aesthetic/creative knowledge and the use of digital tools. The Program foresees a set of stages that will take place until October of this year and, in all, strengthens 1500 businesses, starting from the execution of six stages, such as the construction of the “Iaô Espaço de Criação”; the accomplishment of qualifications in the areas of the creative economy - “Iaô Labs” and the acceleration of black enterprises.

The Afroentrepreneurs Support Program is sponsored by Grupo Carrefour Brasil. The company has been working to combat racial inequality in the country, focusing on four work fronts: entrepreneurship, education, employability and the fight against discrimination.

“Our focus is to strengthen institutions and foster black entrepreneurship, working with entities that already have solid and serious actions on this front. We know that Fábrica Cultural has extremely important social work in the blackest state in the country and, even so, lacks support from private companies. Through this sponsorship, we want to collaborate with this organization and boost the business of small Afro-entrepreneurs”, declared Lúcio Vicente, Sustainability Director at Grupo Carrefour Brasil.

Enrollment Iaô Labs – From January 15th to February 13th, the Acelera Iaô Program will have open enrollment for the first cycle – Iaô Labs – training courses that foster entrepreneurial education, technical/aesthetic/creative knowledge and the use of digital tools. During Acelera, two cycles of Iaô Labs will be held, totaling 300 participants. The selected businesses will participate in classes in a hybrid format, with online classes and face-to-face meetings, in March and April.

Participants will present their business plan to a panel of experts, among which 25 will be nominated to participate in the Program's business acceleration stage and will have exclusive access to a list of free communication and product development services inherent to the Iaô Space of Creation. Those interested in participating in the 1st cycle of Iaô Labs can register on the website www.fabricacultural.org.br.

Cidade Baixa – The proposal is to deliver a creative space with a unique structure in Cidade Baixa, hold Labs to qualify entrepreneurs from different sectors of the creative economy, invest and accelerate their micro and nano-businesses, among other actions. All Program activities will take place at Fábrica Cultural, located in Ribeira.

Fábrica Cultural – Associação Fábrica Cultural is a social organization founded 15 years ago by singer and activist Margareth Menezes, which has been promoting social transformation through actions that articulate education, culture and sustainability. In 2010, the institution's history was marked by the experience of creating a productive center for fashion and handicrafts on the Itapagipe Peninsula, in Salvador. This action transformed the lives of hundreds of local entrepreneurs, especially women.

Today, the institution is established in a historic mansion in the region, which is known for its natural and cultural attractions and social inequalities. Through its own methodology, Fábrica Cultural intervenes in this scenario and expands its operations to the whole of Bahia through training and income generation actions with young people, adults, associations and productive groups in activities included in the creative economy universe.

In addition to Acelera Iaô, Fábrica Cultural manages other projects aimed at Bahian entrepreneurs, such as Artesanato da Bahia, Mercado Iaô, Rede Iaô and Benfeitoria. For more information, visit: https://fabricacultural.org.br/.


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Registration is free and runs from January 15th to February 13th.


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