Grupo Carrefour Brasil completes all agreements with João Alberto Freitas' family members and advances in internal and society commitments


Grupo Carrefour Brasil completes all agreements with João Alberto Freitas' family members and advances in internal and society commitments

São Paulo, May 27th, 2021 - Over the last six months, Grupo Carrefour Brasil made commitments aimed at supporting and indemnifying the family of João Alberto Freitas, internal changes in company policies and contributions to society, with the inclusion of black men and women in the labor market and supporting the fight against racism in organizations.

Today, Grupo Carrefour Brasil concluded the ninth and final indemnity agreement with the family of João Alberto. After the deposit for the purpose of extrajudicial consignment carried out over the last week of April, with the widow Milena Alves as beneficiary, the conversation with lawyers was resumed and the indemnity agreement closed.

“From the very beginning, our main priority was to provide the necessary support for family members, both psychologically and financially. We were able to quickly move forward with the agreements with all family members and today we concluded the last agreement with Mrs. Milena Alves”, says João Senise, HR vice-president of Grupo Carrefour Brasil.

Since the tragic death of João Alberto Freitas, in November 2020, Grupo Carrefour Brasil had been negotiating voluntarily and with the support of the Public Defender's Office, individual indemnity agreements with family members. By April, eight family members had formalized and received the amounts ​​of the agreements with the company, including the four children, stepdaughter, granddaughter, sister and father of João Alberto.

Besides that, Grupo Carrefour Brasil has provided, since November, all financial and psychological assistance for the family of João Alberto Freitas, including a social worker and daily expenses (supermarkets, rent, transport, education, among others).

Internal and society commitments

Grupo Carrefour Brasil made eight public commitments to contribute to the training of black people, including investments in education, leadership training, and startups, with the possibility of using the company's platform. All this is financed through a BRL$ 40 million fund, created by the company in November of 2020.

Last April 28, Grupo Carrefour Brasil held a forum with more than 10,000 suppliers, announcing an anti-racist clause in all its contracts with these partners, as part of the Zero Tolerance Policy. The company also announced that the internal security internalization process is still ongoing and is expected to be completed by October this year, and the Porto Alegre store, where the pilot began, is already operating 100% within this new model, with internal security hired by the company.