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Carrefour Edicts Together to Transform

Grupo Carrefour Brasil has a historic commitment to valuing diversity, with greater emphasis on the inclusion of black people and the fight against discrimination as a way of contributing to combat institutional racism in the country. In Brazil, where 56% of the population self-identifies as black, it is essential that black men and women occupy their spaces in society and, once and for all, stop being considered minorities. Therefore, it is necessary to act to end the discrimination that still exists in our country. We are taking the first steps in this process of transformation and we want to invite society to participate in this change, and, therefore, we decided to launch this public notice in search of institutional strengthening of Afro-Brazilian civil society organizations.

Learn more about it! We can change our reality. Together we can make real changes.

Check out the organizations and projects contemplated in each of the three public notices already launched by Carrefour:


On the night of November 19, 2020, João Alberto Silveira Freitas was killed on the premises of our store in Passo D'Areia, in Porto Alegre/RS, in an act that does not represent and is not consistent with Carrefour's values.

On this website, we reinforce the actions we are taking in view of this fact and the commitments made to society and to our body of more than 100,000 employees throughout Brazil. With the objective of continuing to evolve as a company and contributing to the fight against structural racism in Brazil.

Grupo Carrefour Brasil completes all agreements with João Alberto Freitas' family members and advances in internal commitments and with society.